About me

I have over 25 years of working experience in various branches in my back pack. Started out in advertising. Worked as a ‘workflow consultant’ for some years. Owned and ran an SME in turnkey company relocation. Had a great time, earned good money, but worked myself half to death.


Moved to Ireland with (hence) a hefty burnout at the end of the nineties, to enjoy a 10 year semi-sabbatical. Hardly earned any money but had a fantastic time. Learned about different values of existence and the green side of life.


Returned to the Netherlands in 2009 and to my strengths and talents: writing/language and entrepreneurship. Having always been fascinated by the marketing opportunities of the internet, I decided in 2013 to start focussing on this discipline.
Complemented my theoretical knowledge with a targeted training SEO copywriting and with Google’s Digital Workplace. WordPress as a CMS holds almost no secrets for me anymore – as you can see from this (self made, of course) website.


Spoiled by all the peace and quiet of the Irish countryside, I never really felt at home in crowded Holland. In 2021 I decided to become an expat one last time and moved to France. As long as there is internet and telephone, the world is my office.

A lot to offer

Because of my extensive experience working with and for SME’s, I have a lot to offer my clients. I can stand in the shoes of most entrepreneurs, think along with them and (with a fresh pair of eyes) offer advice that goes just a step further than merely providing a website, text or translation.

In short

I love what I’m doing and I enjoy helping (startup) entrepreneurs. I am also very much involved in animal welfare. From these points of view I can and want to work for SME’s, startups and animal charities with profound commitment and at a friendly rate. Because earning money is nice, but getting satisfaction from my work is even nicer.

Shall we talk?