Your website is a tool, not a goal

As a (small) entrepreneur, your first order of business is… er… your business. And getting it to make money for you. Your website is an important tool to support that effort – it’s your online shop window. However, the upkeep or set-up of a website, albeit no rocket science, is a lot of hassle and can take forever. And the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time, money or energy on your website. Yet you still want it to be professional and up to date.

Let me help you. I very much enjoy doing it and I know the drill.
You can either outsource your web upkeep entirely or let me handle only selected parts, in case you prefer to keep some reign in your own hands.
(Extra bonus: I offer special rates for startups and animal charities!)

SEO copywriter

Sorry, but I only offer this service in my mother tongue. Although my understanding of the language is excellent and effortless, putting English into practice as a writer is a different ball game. I don’t think I can serve you adequately in this area.

Even though I can find and (re-)write easy to read content that might be of interest to your customers for you, I recommend you have a native professional edit and correct my texts. The English used throughout my website is of my own making and as good as it gets.

Your English will do. Please contact me.

Text editing and corrections

Sorry, but I only do this in my mother tongue. My English is not sufficient to serve you adequately in this area.
However, I work together with a few good editors, so if you wish, I can put you in touch.

kat liggend op laptop toetsenbord kijkt in camera

A proper translation (into Dutch)

Translating involves more than plain 1 on 1 conversion of words into their literal equivalent in a different language. After all, that does not necessarily turn it into a coherent, easy to read text, does it? Often much of the scope is lost by too literal a translation.

Ultimately, it is all about your message being the same in the target language as it is in the source language.
And about the translated text meeting your communication objectives.

In addition, there is also the matter of cultural differences which have to be taken into account when creating a text for a different audience.
native speaker can best meet these demands. After all, the culture of my motherland and the subtle nuances in my mother tongue run through my veins.